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Bavarian Beer

Posted by Aaron in Posts on 07 29th, 2010

Let me first start off by saying, I am not, and have never considered myself a beer snob. The extreme majority of beer I drink is standard American Lager like Bud Light, Miller Light, or whatever is cheapest. I think the previous sentence is the first time I ever used the phrase “American Lager” to describe a beer. To me it is all just beer, and I like it. Christy has never acquired a taste for beer, preferring sugary cocktails. “The sweeter the alcohol the better,” is Christy’s motto.

Now that the context is set… Bavarian beer is AMAZING! Our hostel in Munich had a free Bavarian beer tasting. We got to try 4 beers and we learned the histories and differences between the different types of beer. The 4 types we tried were Helles, Hefeweisen, Pilsner, and Dunkel. Pilsner is not native to Bavaria, but was used as a comparison beer. We liked the taste of all of the beers but the Franzishaner Hefewisen (wheat beer) was our favorite. According to our beer guide, Bavarian beer purity laws prevent Bavarian beer from having an ingredient other than hops, barley, water, wheat, or yeast. He swears, that as a result, it is impossible to get a hangover if drinking only Bavarian beer. Our budget did not allow us to test his theory, but we did drink beer throughout our stay to properly experience the culture.

Bavarian beer tasting

Don’t Turn on the Light

Posted by Aaron in Posts on 07 14th, 2010

We had our first weird hostel experience in Barcelona… our roommate slept naked.

Christy and I got upgraded from an eight person room to a three person room when we arrived at our hostel. In general, the fewer people in the room the better. This time we could have used a few extra people in the room to help dilute the awkwardness. The room was extremely hot and to his credit he undressed in the dark after we went to bed and dressed before turning on the lights in the morning, but talk about an awkward night of sleep. The weirdest thing was the fan was off when we woke up. The naked man must have turned off the fan in the middle of the night when he got too cold instead of putting on some clothes.

After that experience, we really cannot wait to get to Paris to meet Christy’s parents and stay in our own private hotel room.

Hostelling International Locations on Google Earth

Posted by Aaron in Planning on 11 23rd, 2009

Hostelling International (HI) has hostels all over the world, but their website does not have a way to download all hostel locations into Google Earth. Fortunately, I was able to find the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) files used by the embedded maps on the HI website. The same KML files can be used in Google Earth to map hostel locations. The following files are all owned and maintained by Hostelling International:

Open the files in Google Earth and you will be able to see the hostel locations on a map. This will be a great way for Christy and I to plan travel routes by coordinating hostel locations with landmarks and transportation stations. Also, since the KML files are  saved on our computer, we can find a place to sleep without needing an internet connection.