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And the Award goes to… (Southeast Asia)

Posted by Christy in Posts on 02 1st, 2011

Usually I have an entire list of different categories for my “Top Three” posts. However, I don’t think we explored enough of the area to culminate enough info for such a list, so I am just going to narrow it down to my top three places that we visited:

3.) Vang Vieng, Laos

It may be the college girl in me, but I really enjoyed my time in this Spring Break dream destination. The smell of cocktails in the air, “Family Guy” around every corner, and the stumbling drunks wandering the streets really put a big smile on my face.

OK, I’m just being a little sarcastic here, but seriously, tubing down the river was SO MUCH FUN! Being surrounded by bars, other 20-somethings, and rope swings and slides – really, it’s a frat boy’s dream, and frankly, I enjoyed it. So sue me.

2.) Angkor, Cambodia

Just give me a fedora and call me Indiana! Exploring the temples of Angkor gave me the feeling that, well, we weren’t in Kansas anymore. A French explorer who came upon the ruins in the mid 19th century described them as being even more magnificent than those in Greece and Rome. I, personally, would have to agree with that statement. AND, unlike Rome and Greece, the restrictions on where you could wander were rather loosey goosey. I think I could have climbed to the roof of Angkor Wat and started chiseling and I doubt anyone would of said anything to me. (Did I mention that Southeastern Asians are the chillest people I have ever met? God, I love them.)

1.) Koh Phangan, Thailand

Sure, it rained two out of the three days we were there, but at least we could soak in one day of infamous Thailand island beauty that rivals the likes of Hawaii. (I’ve never been to Hawaii, but Aaron has, and he has gone on the record as claiming that Koh Phangan is more beautiful than the island of Maui.) The night life was also spectacular, with interactive games at every bar, not to mention the fire breathers and jugglers.

And, like the rest of Southeast Asia, and very much unlike Hawaii, it is CHEAP. Accommodation cost us about $7 per person at the resort we stayed at. Can’t beat that!

Africa Top Three

Posted by Christy in Posts on 12 14th, 2010

Here are my lists for our trek through Africa:

Favorite Countries:

1.)    Namibia

2.)    Zambia

3.)    Tanzania

Favorite Cities:

1.)    Cape Town, South Africa

2.)    Livingstone, Zambia

3.)    Stone Town, Zanzibar

Best Adventures:

1.)    Bungee jumping at Victoria Falls

2.)    Whitewater rafting on the Zambezi River

3.)    Sandboarding in the Namibian Desert

Best Moments:

1.)    The waterhole in Etosha National Park

2.)    Bungee jump

3.)    Elephants breaking into the truck in Mufuwe, Zambia

Best Wildlife Experiences:

1.)    Etosha National Park

2.)    Cheetah Park in Kamanjab, Namibia

3.)    Croc Valley campground in Mufuwe, Zambia

Best Times with the African Trails Group:

1.)    Dorm discussion of a certain occurrence in Swakopmund, Namibia

2.)    Christmas Cracker night

3.)    Tie – Me falling off the top bunk in Cape Town and the night of the “woman with the horn” discussion in Chitimba, Malawi

Scariest Moments:

1.)    Aaron having a knife pulled on him in Cape Town, South Africa

2.)    Bungee jump

3.)    Monkeys chasing me in Mufuwe, Zambia

Middle East Top Three

Posted by Christy in Posts on 10 15th, 2010

It’s that time again! We have just left the Middle East for Kenya, and as promised in an earlier post, I will give my top three list for the area.

This is a little different, though, as we only visited two countries (Egypt and Israel).

Top three favorite adventures:

1.)    Trek through the Sahara Desert

2.)    Swimming in the Dead Sea

3.)    Boating in Nuweiba

Top three favorite sites:

1.)    Valley of the Kings

2.)    Pyramids

3.)    Old City Jerusalem

Worst three moments:

1.)    Illness in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan

2.)    Taxi Ride from Tabe to Cairo

3.)    Staying in Jerusalem Hostel

Top three favorite places:

1.)    Aqaba Desert

2.)    Nuweiba

3.)    Jerusalem