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Our Gear

Posted by Aaron in on 09 19th, 2009

After months of preparation, and many trips to REI, we finally have our packs filled and ready. Here is a list of every single piece of equipment (including vaccinations):


– One Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine
– One Yellow Fever Vaccine
– One Tetanus Vaccine
– One Adult Polio Vaccine
– Two Hepatitis B Vaccines
– One Hepatitis A Vaccine
– One Typhoid Vaccine
– One H1N1 Vaccine

– Malaria pills (Doxycycline – 8-Month Supply)
– Two Traveler’s Diarrhea Prescriptions
– Probiotic Pills
– Pepto Bismol (Liquid AND Tablets)
– Claritin Pills
– HUGE Bottle of Advil
– Cold and Flu Medicine
– Antihistamine Cream

– Three Dry Fit Short Sleeve Shirts
– Two Cotton Shirts
– One Sleeveless Cotton Shirt
– One Sleeveless Dry Fit Shirt
– One Long Sleeve Dry Fit Shirt
– Two Pairs of Cotton Shorts
– One Pair of Cotton Capri Pants
– One Pair of Cotton Pants
– One Pair of Army Pants
– Five Pairs of Antibacterial, Dry Wick Socks

– One Pair of Waterproof Hiking Shoes
– One Pair of Flip Flops

– One Down Jacket
– One Waterproof Jacket
– One Pair of Waterproof Pants

– Two Sports Bras (Black and White)
– One Regular Bra (Nude)
– Eight Pairs of Underpants

– One Travel Pillow
– One Quick Dry Towel
– One Pair of Travel sheets
– One Camelbak Water Pack
– Travel Size Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap
– Toothbrush and Toothpaste
– One Umbrella
– Tampons

Safety Essentials
– Water Filtration Pills
– Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
– First Aid Kit
– Mosquito Repellent
– Mosquito Net

– iPad
– iPod
– Flip Camera
– Two Digital Cameras
– One Notebook

– Passport
– International Youth Travel Card
– Proof of Yellow Fever Vaccine
– IAMAT Card