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As One Journey Ends, Another Begins…

Posted by Christy in Posts on 05 15th, 2011

Imagine having one day of pure, unadulterated freedom. I’m not talking about just a day off work, or school, or parenthood; I’m talking about a day of nonexistent responsibility: A day in which your job, your schoolwork, your house, your bills, none of it exists. You answer to no one for a day: not your parents, not your teachers, not your employers, not your children; A day empty of all fears, and worries, and doubts, and concerns; a day void of competition; a day when you truly live for yourself, and no one else.

Now add to that day:

Discovery. Discovery of yourself and parts of the world you never experienced: new cultures, new landscapes, new environments, new people – all which help transform you into the person you have always strived to be.

Adventure. Adventure in all forms. Daring to venture into unknown territories; facing your greatest fears, and trusting beyond a level in which you never thought possible of yourself.

Celebration. Celebration in all things big and small; enjoying the achievements of yourself and others, absent of the spitefulness that exists in your everyday world.

What would you give for this one day?

How about 304 of them:

So what did I learn on this ultimate adventure? Of the many, this is the most important:

“We cannot judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and (their own limits). It is one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it is another to think yours is the only path.” Another great quote from Mr. Paulo Coelho.

And as this journey ends, another begins. A new journey filled with discovery, adventure, and celebration; for I am an explorer searching for my treasure, and who can ask for a better life than that?