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Meet the Crockers

While on our tour of Africa, we met another couple in our group who we instantly got along with. They were Nikita Crocker and Erik Edwards, traveling from London through Africa before reaching their final destination: New Zealand.

Wait, what?!

Brief background: Nikita is originally from South Africa. Her family moved to New Zealand when she was 10. When she graduated, she decided to delay going to university, instead traveling to London to live for a brief time. There she met Erik. She needed to return to New Zealand to start college, and Erik decided to take a year off of school to  go with her. They also wanted to do a little bit of traveling beforehand, hence the Africa trip.

Erik and Nikita are living with Nikita’s family in Auckland. Erik will be returning to London in August 2011.

Anyway, Nikita’s family (The Crocker’s, FYI) was kind enough to offer their home to us for the majority of our stay in New Zealand. We were, once again, lucky enough to stay with some locals who could give us insider’s perspective of Auckland. And the Crocker’s did not disappoint!

Our first weekend, we visited the black sand beaches. AMAZING. My favorite were the starfish. I have never seen starfish like this before:

We followed our beach day with a 21st birthday party New Zealand style. A 21st birthday is for some reason a big celebration, although no one could give me an explanation as to why. They can drink at 18, so drinking legally is not the reason, unlike Americans. Well, whatever.

As you can tell by the pictures, we had an amazing time. By the way, what we are doing with our hands is making the ‘W’ sign for ‘winning.’ We were ‘Sheening’ all night, for sure.

During the week, as seen in my original post, we traveled down to Wellington (still on the north island, about 8 hours south). We met up with some more Crocker’s down there, including Nikita’s sister and cousin. Her cousin, Robert, and his family (wife Claire, sons Ben (4) and George (2)) were even kind enough to let us stay a night in their home! I could shoot myself, though, because I forgot to take a picture with them (boo). But I did get a picture with sister Julie!

The next weekend Nikita and Erik took us to a concert, more precisely an Indian music concert since we were not able to go into India (did I mention I love them?). We went to yet ANOTHER 21st birthday, another beach, and a 13K run called “Round the Bays.” Nikita and Aaron ran it, Erik and I walked it (shocker, I know!).

We made dinner for the Crocker’s twice, to show our appreciation. Tacos the first night, and my Great Aunt Nat’s Casserole the second night. I hope they enjoyed it!

Making new friends has been a very important part of our trip, and Erik and Nikita our some of the best ones we made during this 10 months. They are two people that we definitely don’t want to lose touch with, and we hope that they come see us in the States sooner rather than later.

Even if we have to help them get there. 😉

Love you guys, and miss you already!

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