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Australia, if I could describe it in one word: OK. Sure, the close interaction with the koalas was one of my favorite moments of the trip, and the 12 Apostles on the southern coast are breathtaking, not to mention the beauty that is the Sydney Harbor, but still: just OK.

Before I go into the negatives, let’s view some of the positives:

The Sydney Harbor DID offer one of those “I can’t believe I am here” moments…

Australia offers beautiful beaches (including the famous Bondi Beach, known for its excellent surfing conditions)…

And, again, the 12 Apostles are breathtaking, and I might even go as far as saying that it was one of the most beautiful sites I have even seen.

But really, when I think back on Australia, I think of it as being a more expensive version of the United States.

It was not culturally stimulating, since Australian and American society is so similar. If I were to pay thousands of dollars on airfare to travel across the world, I would at least want to go somewhere where I can discover new and exciting cultures.

And, trust me, when I tell you it is expensive, I mean it is EXPENSIVE. I knew we were in trouble when I walked into a grocery store (chain, mind you) and was feeling like indulging in some soda. That was a “no go,” since the 12 oz. bottle was $4.00! Same with candy bars (minimum $2.50), a pint of beer (minimum $7.00), a meal at a fast food restaurant (minimum $9.00), and so on and so on… camping was minimum $30.00, hostel was minimum $27.00 a person (and trust me, it was lacking)… don’t get me started on tourist activities like entrance to the Penguin Parade and the Koala Tree Walk…

Since the Australian dollar has caught up to the American dollar, they just haven’t adjusted for inflation. It is all good for the locals, since their salaries match the cost-of-living, but for us visitors, well, just watch out.

If I were to just visit Australia and no other country, would I be glad that I went? Maybe. But now that I know there is just so much more out there in the world, I couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed with the land down under. I am glad we went, however, simply for the fact that I could check it off of the list.

Sorry, Australia. I know this blog post won’t bode well with your tourism department, but I gotta be honest here. (Hell, who reads this anyway? Besides you, Mom?)

3 Responses to “Au$tralia”

  1. Lynn Says:

    I (your mom’s friend) read it faithfully! I have really enjoyed following your adventures. I’d bet a lot more people than you know read these posts! Enjoy every minute of the last 10 days of the trip.

  2. Christy Says:

    Well, glad someone is reading, Lynn! BTW, I see Randi’s updates on FB, so awesome to see her make her career goal of OR nurse! WOW!

  3. Tina French Says:

    Me, too, Christy! I have consistently kept up on your adventures. Your experiences have facinated me, and I am so happy that you and Aaron were able to experience all that you have. Although, I must admit, I am still amazed that “our Christy” gave up the comforts of home to backback around the world! Just wanted to assure you that others, besides your mom, ARE reading your posts…and enjoying them!

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