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KAR – A – OH – KAY

Karaoke (pronounced kar – a – oh – kay in Japan) – Seriously, is there anything better? OK, maybe a few things (like puppies), but really, it is a short list.

And just so you know, it is true what they say: the Japanese really love karaoke, but not the kind we know and love in America. Basically they rent out small, private rooms with their friends and sing for hours at a time. Our Couch Surfing hosts, Brenna and Micah (awesome American couple living in Tokyo), took us with a bunch of their friends for a true Japanese karaoke experience in Shinjuku in Tokyo. And, as evidenced in the videos and pictures below, it was nothing short of amazing.

I think my rendition of “Be Our Guest” was probably my favorite of the night. What are some of your favorite karaoke songs? Seriously, I would like to know…

4 Responses to “KAR – A – OH – KAY”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hi there. Sorry to say, I have absolutely no favorite karaoke songs. That can be translated as I am either a very big “dud”, or a savior for humanity (I vote for the latter).

    Love the pictures but you guys are clearly smashed (one can only hope). And Christy, how did your tongue ever become that red?!

    Really, all this chatter is simply leading up to my real message … love those jackets!

    And you. Love,

  2. Aaron Says:

    Don’t lie Karen. We know your favorite karaoke song is Midnight at the Oasis.

    You are right. We were smashed. We had our booth until 5 in the morning so no matter how well we tried to pace our drinking the hours added up. All that red wine adds up to one red tongue. :-) It was a great night though.

    The jackets were a great buy. Carrying them around for 8 months was worth it. It snowed a lot one night in Tokyo. Our couch surfing hosts were surprised to see us so warm with such small jackets. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Caroline A Says:

    Hahaha that first sentence made me laugh, Christy!

    Seems like you guys are still having an amazing time, I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest.

    As for my favorite karaoke song I’d have to say it’s “Don’t Stop Believin” – but only if I’m singing it with you 😉

    Much love to you both! xx

  4. Christy Says:

    That night of Karaoke was so fun! Miss you, Caroline! I hope India is going well, I wish I could go!

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