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What I Miss…

We have been on the road for almost three months now, and I thought you all would be interested in knowing what I really miss in America. Obviously, I miss friends and family, but who wouldn’t? So, here is my list, what do you think?

1.) Movies

Ahh! I have already missed Toy Story 3 and Inception! Not to mention I will be missing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I in November. At least I can look forward to catching up on everything when I get back.

2.) English as a First Language

Wow, Aaron and I wish we could understand everyone, and that they could understand us. Everywhere we go we have to ask if they speak English. We really need to work on learning other languages, fellow Americans. Seriously.

3.) Familiar Food

OK, trying new food is so much fun! BUT, just once, I would love to see a Chili’s, or an Applebee’s, or SOMETHING, where I could go in and order any American food I wanted. Oh well, at least we have McDonald’s.

4.) Not Living Out of a Backpack

Wearing the same seven outfits gets old, FAST.


I miss him so much it hurts. Sometimes on the buses and trains I imagine our reunion, and how he is going to react. Do you think he will remember me? And if I feel this way about my dog, how will I feel about my kids?

At least I know my parents are taking good care of him, and I get to see him on Skype sometimes. Don’t worry, Homer, only nine more months to go!

4 Responses to “What I Miss…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    awww!! Amie and I miss Homer too! But I was thinking about you and your adventures the other day, and I really miss you Christy! um, you too Aaron! lol. You’ll be back before you know it, Homer will do an ever BETTER reunion video than that other dog with the army guy, and you’ll have tons of awesome experiences, memories, and new friends! Enjoy the next 9 months!

  2. Jenn Says:

    AWWW! I know how you feel, I hate leaving my dogs for a week! I KNOW he’ll remember you and he will be beside himself happy to see you.
    What’s up with the grandkids on the Shanton side of the family having dogs instead of kids anyways? Mam-mall has 6 great granddogs now! LOL
    PS Love the website! It’s so cool to get to see everywhere you go!

  3. Christy Says:

    kathy – i miss you and amie tons and tons and tons!! i think of you two everyday, in fact. i know amie would be laughing at me if she could see me now. i have a tan line on my upper lip that makes me look like i have a moustache. very attractive.

    jenn – there is a serious lack of grandkids going on on the shanton side of the family. but, then again, when i think about it, are any of us really ready to procreate? hell no!! haha!

  4. Uncle Bob Says:

    Try iTranslate on your iphone of ipad. You can type in what you want to say, pick a language and it speaks it for you.

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