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Oww, My Arms!

Posted by Aaron in Planning on 04 15th, 2010

Yesterday I had my first round of immunizations. I got 4 shots, so today my arm is hurting. I was originally planning on going to the San Francisco travel clinic to get all of my shots at one time, but Christy realized the clinic does not accept health insurance. We are getting as many immunizations as possible from our doctor since they are covered by insurance.

I got the following shots yesterday:

  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Polio
  • Meningitis
  • Tetanus

Polio and meningitis were optional for me since I was previously immunized. My doctor advised me to get them anyway, just to be safe.

In addition to the shots, I also got typhoid vaccine and traveler’s diarrhea pills.

Christy and I are going to the travel clinic next Friday to get all other necessary vaccinations, like Yellow Fever.

I wish I had known Hepatitis A & B are a series of shots spanning 6 months. The travel clinic suggested scheduling an appointment 6 weeks before the departure date. Since our trip is so long we will not be around to get the final shot 6 months later. We have been planning this trip for years, so we could have gotten the full series of Hepatitis A & B shots if we had known they took so long.

With a little Ibuprofen, the pain is my arm is not bad and fortunately I did not get sick from the tetanus shot like I did as a teenager. I should be completely healed just in time for my next rounds of immunizations!


Posted by Christy in Planning on 04 11th, 2010

It has been awhile since either Aaron or I have written a post. Here are a few updates:

1.)  We purchased our one-way tickets to London.

We purchased the tickets from for $411 each. We are flying from Columbus on May 31. We will purchase our RTW (round the world) tickets in Europe since it is so much cheaper to purchase them there rather than the US.

2.)  We gave notice to our employers.

Aaron let Cisco know of our plans a few weeks ago. His boss was initially shocked, but he was excited for us. Aaron was offered a leave of absence (gotta love Cisco). That means we will still have health insurance during our trip, and he will have access to the internal job boards when we get back.

I let my bosses know on Friday. They, too, were surprised, but very supportive. They did offer me a position when I come back. We will see what happens!

3.)  We got our backpacks!

After about 6 trips to REI, we FINALLY got our backpacks.

I got the women’s Osprey Waypoint 65L Travel Pack – Women’s (It holds 65 liters). It was $250.

Aaron got the Osprey Porter 65L Travel Pack. It was $130.