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We got our first couch surfing request!

Posted by Aaron in Posts on 01 17th, 2010

We got our first couch surfing request today and Christy and I could not be more excited.

Couch Surfing is a website where people who are interested in cultural exchange can offer their couches for travelers to stay on. Christy and I might couch surf a lot on our trip instead of staying in hostels. Couch surfing will be cheaper than staying in hostels, but the main benefit is the ability to meet local people from the places we are traveling. Couch surfing hosts may also feed and act as a tour guide to deepen the cultural exchange.

In order to prepare for our trip, Christy and I have decided to offer our couch to the Couch Surfing community. Hopefully being in downtown San Francisco will make us a desireable place to stay. In exchange for offering a place to stay we are hoping to learn about places we should visit and things we must do while backpacking around the world. One of the tips for good couch surfing experiences is to be selective with who you let stay with you. Being selective helps ensure both parties get the experiences they are hoping for. We have choosen Dirk,  a university student from Germany, to be our first couch surfer. He will be arriving at the end of January. We have so many questions to ask him about his home country and his extensive travels. I hope we will be good hosts. We are pretty good at giving the touristy tours of San Francisco, but I hope we can think of enough “local” attractions to entertain him.

First Draft of our Route

Posted by Aaron in Planning on 01 17th, 2010

Christy and I just finished creating the first draft of our around the world plane ticket. We are going to choose the OneWorld alliance instead of the Star Alliance because the tickets are cheaper and the rules for travel are more flexible.

Here is our first attempt at an itinerary:


This route would have us going to the following destinations:

  1. Columbus, OH, United States
  2. London, England
  3. Istanbul, Turkey
  4. Moscow, Russia
  5. Amman, Jordan
  6. Cairo, Egypt
  7. Accra, Ghana
  8. Nairobi, Kenya
  9. Cape Town, South Africa
  10. Johannesburg, South Africa
  11. Hong Kong, China
  12. Tokyo, Japan
  13. Mumbai, India
  14. Singapore, Singapore
  15. Adelaide, Australia
  16. Auckland, New Zealand
  17. Columbus, OH

This itinerary only includes flights, so we will definitely be using ground transportation to explore surrounding countries. We will just be using the flights just to get us across long distances.

It is hard to not buy the tickets right now, but we want to wait to make sure we are completely happy with our itinerary. Lets see how long our patience holds.